Sunday, June 29, 2008

Self Study for ISEB Foundation or ISEB Intermeidate

If self studying for the ISTQB Foundation in Software Testing or Intermediate I'd recommend getting a couple of books to give you some guidelines and structure to your learning as well as ensuring you cover all the material you will need.

I used and can highly recommend:

Software Testing: An ISTQB Foundation Guide

You can now purchase 15 past ISTQB foundation in software testing exam papers for just £5.99.


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Friday, October 19, 2007


Documents Updated 27th April 2010

You can now purchase 28 past exam papers for the ISEB / ISTQB foundation exam in software testing HERE for just £7.99

All the documents to study for the ISEB/ISTQB foundation in software testing are listed below, to download the document just click on the link.

Ok, I've updated all the documents. All the links now work, If you belong to any forums please let them know of this site.

Syllabus Chapters 1-6

Chapter 1: ISEB Foundation Syllabus - Chapter 1
Chpater 2: ISEB Foundation Syllabus - Chapter 2
Chapter 3: ISEB Foundation Syllabus - Chapter 3
Chapter 4: ISEB Foundation Syllabus - Chapter 4
Chapter 5: ISEB Foundation Syllabus - Chapter 5
Chapter 6: ISEB Foundation Syllabus - Chapter 6

ISEB ISTQB Sample Exams / Papers

Sample ISEB Foundation Exam 1:
ISEB Foundation Exam 1
Sample ISEB Foundation Exam 2:
ISEB Foundation Exam 2
Sample ISEB Foundation Exam 3:
ISEB Foundation Exam 3

ISTQB Foundation Syllabus:
ISTQB Syllabus

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

ISEB ISTQB Intermediate Certificate in Software Testing

Course Overview
A 3 day course
The ISEB Practitioner Certificate in Software Testing is internationally recognised as the essential measurement for those wishing to advance their career within the software testing industry.

The new ISEB Practitioner Certificate in Software Testing enables testers to specialise as either a test analyst or a test manager. This course leads to the ISEB Intermediate Certificate in Software Testing examination which, as well as being a pre-requisite for both the test analysis or test manager qualifications, provides essential knowledge and skills for both test analysts and test managers.

The testing skills and knowledge acquired by attending this courses are applicable to the wide range of testing challenges that test analysts and test managers face on complex modern software testing projects.

Attendees of this course must hold the ISEB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing to be eligible to sit the ISEB Intermediate Certificate in Software Testing examination.

Who should attend?
Any test analyst, test team leader or test manager who wishes to advance their knowledge of testing or prepare for the ISEB Intermediate Certificate in Software Testing examination.

On completion of this course attendees will have an advanced knowledge of testing, testing techniques and how testing fits in to the system development life cycle. Attendees will also be fully prepared, and have the best possible chance to score highly, when sitting the ISEB Intermediate Certificate in Software Testing examination.

Further information
Candidates must pass the ISEB Intermediate Certificate in Software Testing prior to taking either or both of the examinations for the ISEB Practitioner Certificate in Test Analysis or the ISEB Practitioner Certificate in Test Management.
By presenting the information and exercises using real practical examples, as well as encouraging attendees to discuss their own experience, and by giving special attentio

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Monday, January 01, 2007

Testing Q & A

Q. I am an AS/400 cum BPCS developer with 2.5 years of experience. I have done development work for 1.5 years and have spent 10 months doing testing (manual) project work.

Now I am given a chance to shift from development to testing. Will doing so be a good move?

Testing as a career option is increasingly finding favor with in the IT market place. Corporations are now looking for testing as an independent service offering.

People with experience in development have a natural edge when it comes to testing. In fact, once you graduate from manual to automated testing, the benefits of a development background come forth--especially since a lot of testing tools demand a certain amount of coding as well.

The career path would be something like a testing engineer to testing specialist to testing practise manager.

Also, it is essential to get certified by some global accreditations like the CSTE, ISTQB, etc.

Going forward, testing in specific industry domains like telecom, aerospace and banking will gain importance than just expertise in a particular methodology or a testing tool.

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

ISEB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing


ISEB Certification is recognised as the essential measurement to prove knowledge of the fundamental principles of testing techniques.

Course Objectives
On completion of an ISEB course, delegates will:
Be able to demonstrate and implement effective testing techniques
Be able to work to ISEB standards and requirements
Be able to demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental principles and terminology of software testing
Be more confident when undertaking testing tasks
Be able to identify the required testing skills for recruitment and career development purposes

Who Will Benefit From This Course?

Those wishing to gain Software Testing Foundation Level accreditation at the end of course and Practitioner accreditation at a later stage.

Course pre-requisites, Pre-course Study and Examination Preparation
The ISEB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing is appropriate for everyone involved in software testing. Pre-course notes are available for those delegates unsure of the relevance of their background.

Currently our pass rate is in excess of 90%. We are so confident that you will pass the examination that, should you be one of the unlucky few to fail, we offer a free re-sit for the course; you may attend any public Foundation Course date listed and pay only the exam fee.

Course Outline

The principles of testing
Terminology; why testing is necessary; fundamental test process; psychology of testing; re-testing and regression testing; expected results; prioritisation.

Testing throughout the life-cycle
Models for testing; economics of testing; high level test planning; acceptance testing; integration testing in the large; functional and non-functional system testing; integration testing in the small; component testing; maintenance testing.

Dynamic testing techniques
Black and white-box testing techniques; error guessing.

Static testing
Reviews and the test process; types of review; static analysis.

Test management
Organisation; configuration management; test estimation, monitoring and control; incident management; standards for testing.

Tool support for testing
Types of CAST tool (Computer-Aided Software Testing); tool selection and implementation.

The documents below should provide you with all the information you need to study for and pass the ISEB foundation certificate in software testing

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Monday, August 28, 2006

Software Testing - Korea

To improve the completion rate of project, software testing draws a lot of attention.

According to the related industry on August, 6th, the Supreme Court decided to spend the half of budget for the informatization project on software testing, colleges set up relevant departments and the related areas are getting popular as the importance of software testing is recognized.

The Supreme Court is carrying out the project to establish the next generation registration system by designating the project operator and the half of budget for it would be spent for software testing. It is the first time that the half of project budget goes for software testing, which was considered as a small part of final stage of project. This is because quality and stability by improving services that are implemented by public projects emerged as an important issue.

The Supreme Court focuses on software testing to make sure that the informatization project for providing quality services would have any problems down the road, relieving inconvenience among the public.

As demand for high quality software increases, software testing in itself and relevant testing businesses for consulting, education and service sectors are also attracting huge attention.

As reflecting the attention to software testing, the Asian Software Testing Alliances (ASTA) conference, which is scheduled to be held in October, 2007 in Korea for the first time, is fully booked up.

Under these circumstances, graduate schools of Ehwa Womans University and Dongguk University introduced software testing courses and Kangwon Universtiy did the same thing for its college students. In addition, among 1300 applicants, 500 people passed International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) test for the past two years as the ISTQB certification is getting popular.

IBM launched the consulting service for risk testing by working with a domestic software testing company. STA is working on developing an automatic testing tool for the first time in Korea as the tool is getting popular. Accordingly, an automatic testing tool developed by a domestic company is expected to be unveiled at the end of this year.

Kwon Won-Il, head of STA, said, “I believe that most public projects that are now carried out spend 20% of their budgets on software testing. As software testing draws attention, more and more people want to have the certification and ask for ways to getting the education. Therefore, the related areas would be rapidly developed.”

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